• The War Dogs (German Shepherd & Labrador Retriever) on top of the pedestal will be 1 ½ time life size Bronze Sculptures.
  • The Center Pedestal will be 9 feet in diameter.
  • The walkway around the center pedestal will be approximately 6 feet wide.
  • The walkway will be paved with gray laser engraved “Honor” Bricks.
  • 6 Bronze reliefs depicting the history of War Dogs will be permanently set into the inside face of the walls.
  • The diameter of the Memorial will be 24 feet including the wall.
  • The walls of the Memorial will be 3 feet high.
  • Two curved benches will be placed one on each side of the entrance
An overhead view of the location approved for the War Dog Memorial in Colorado Springs, CO.
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Sketches of the War Dog Memorial
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Below are the most recent photos showing the fine detail of the statue clay model (June 2015)
These images are of the earlier stages of the clay model's creation. Fine detail has not yet been added

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