September 12, 2020 


WWII – It is estimated that War Dogs saved 15,000 lives

Vietnam – It is estimated that War Dogs saved 10,000 lives

Iraq & Afghanistan – It is estimated that each War Dog saves an average of 150-200 lives, however, those numbers   increase when they find a cache of weapons, IEDs, etc…

Tens of Thousands of War Dogs have served throughout history and continue to selflessly serve protecting our troops, civilians and freedoms

Many husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters have returned home
because of the life-saving capabilities of our nation’s “War Dogs”.
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mission to honor retired war dogs.
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Military Working Dogs (MWDs) and Contract Working Dogs (CWDs), while their ownership is different, work in the same areas of operation providing unmatched life-saving capabilities. Collectively, they are called “War Dogs”.

They have risked their lives, sustained injury and have died valiantly protecting our troops, civilians and freedoms both domestically and overseas.

'Clay sketch' of the war dogs that will appear at the center of the memorial

These noble warriors work tirelessly in scorching heat, freezing cold, blinding sand and torrential rain without complaint and ask for nothing in return except some food, water and love. They are ever watchful of danger and their loyalty is unsurpassed.

Our sincere desire is for the War Dog Memorial to honor the devotion and selfless sacrifice of all war dogs and, be a place of reflection for those who have served with and whose lives were saved by these amazing “heroes with fur”.

For generations to come, this Memorial will stand to honor the War Dogs that are truly, our “Forgotten Heroes”.

Because of your support, the permanent Memorial honoring our nation’s War Dogs now stands in the Ring of Honor in Memorial Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  As the Sculpture, Austin Weishel said, “In 100 years, someone will see this memorial and learn.”

 Thank you!

 Ruby & Wade Ridpath

War Dog Memorial Colorado

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